No matter where you are in the world, invite your friends to run with you in live.

You will never be alone in a sporting activity again !

JoinToRun App Features

  • Group activity including up to 7 participants in live
  • Communication with participants through visioconference
  • Performances display such as rank, distance, speed, elevation, calorie, etc.
  • Maximal Aerobic Speed Test (Half Cooper, Luc Léger, Vameval)
  • Hiit Workout Running (time, distance)
  • Perfomances results reports
  • History of all recorded wortkouts
  • Select up to 8 outdoor activities (running, cycling, walking, hiking, etc.)
  • Supported languages: English, German and French

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JoinToRun community:

JTR presentation:


View your activity on a map and customize the screen to show all the information you need

Display the runner's position on google map

Display in live the ranking according to the participants performances

Visioconference with the participants during your activity and share your workout feeling

Create activities and invite your friends to participate

Post and invite your friends to join your planned activity

Luc Léger Test based on the official test

High-intensity interval running

News from your friends activities

Activity results report

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